Mom and Remi Day

Mom and Remi Day

Remi had a follow up at the ENT- because almost 3 years later, her tubes are still going strong. I didn’t want to mess with all the driving to/fro home and daycare since I’m working from home and not in town. So I took the day off for a fun day together.

After her appointment, we headed to Wild Things Farm for their sunflowers! They technically weren’t open for their sunflower festival, but I know the farmers, and she told us to come on out anyway. Remi loved exploring – and she got a sucker at the gift shop so she was happy!

And the sunflowers were GORGEOUS, and it was so neat to have the place to ourselves.

After our trip to Wild Things, we went to town and hit Target. Remi used to LOVE Target trips because I would let her get a toy. She was SO excited to go inside. I felt comfortable enough to take her in- a combo of more people wearing masks and it not being too busy since it was mid-morning. She picked out toys and goodies. Then we drove to drop off our recyling, then we met my mom at the church’s clothes closet (which she helps run). She was finishing up, so we all got lunch together.

After a good nap, we had swim lessons, and then we hit the library. Our library is doing appointment only (one person per area with masks required), so we’ve been a couple of times. Remi enjoys it. This time, she had a list for the librarian: dinosaurs, dragons and Spiderman. She also picked a Pete the Cat book and a couple more. We signed up for the summer reading program, so we have lots of reading to do!

It was a really fun day with my girl. We spend lots of 1 on 1 time together, but we haven’t had a special day in quite a while.

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