Mommy and Remi Day

Mommy and Remi Day

Saturdays are mostly for me and my girl. Daddy works weekends, so we have lots of time together.  We usually do normal stuff- I go work out while she cheers on from the stroller, we run errands, naptime- the usual.

But last weekend we had a little extra adventure.

It started early (it always does!) and she decided to take her breakfast in her “treehouse” and eat it. Silly girl.

Also, per usual, she was into EVERYTHING while we got ready.  I just couldn’t get over this cute look.

One of my dad’s friends was in town to visit, so we all went to the nursing home.  I didn’t get any pics of dad and Remi, or dad and his friend Wendall, but I did get a pic of this broom-loving-girl playing with the nursing home’s broom and dustpan. We also played some piano together.  I was able to somewhat read the hymnal there and played “Nothing But the Blood.”

We went home for naptime, and then we took a roadtrip about an hour away to an antique shop.  I fully expected her to be drawn to some old toy and buy it for her. NOPE. She wanted the broom and mop!  (We did eventually find a duck-on-a-string toy that she wanted).

She’s such a mess.  I love my weekends with her!

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