Mommy Remi Date

Mommy Remi Date

Tyler had to work a basketball game, and I was tired of being home all the time…so I decided to take Remi on a little mommy date to do something fun. When I picked her up, I gave her a choice: nail salon or trampoline park. She wanted to do BOTH, but chose trampoline park (we’ll hit the nail salon next time!).

It was a week night, so not too busy, and there was plenty of room to spread out and keep to ourselves.

She LOVED it.

After our jump, we went nearby to Panera for dinner (mostly because she was asking for a treat, and I knew they would give me a cookie for $1 with our meals). She is SO big.

I cracked up at her ordering for herself “I want a smoothie…and a M&M cookie…and an apple” (we shared the smoothe and she also got a grilled cheese). We had a fun night just chatting and eating, and I can’t believe she’s big enough for fun like this. Some people may be baby people, but these preschoolers are my jam! I’m LOVING her personality and getting to spend time with her.

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