Mommy Remi Nights

Mommy Remi Nights

When daddy is gone for the evening, I have to be honest, some nights I just really miss my partner in crime who helps me. But I try to make the most of it and make it special (and try not to get too tired/frustrating/overwhelmed).

Often that includes Remi choosing whatever she wants (within reason) for dinner.  We knew we would have one night alone, so I asked her the day before what she wanted for dinner and she said snowman pancakes!  Easy to do!

She LOVED them (even if she’s crazy and didn’t like the chocolate chips and made me scrape them off). It was an easy way to make something simple special.


We might watch a movie or play, but it usually involves us dressing up, because that’s her favorite thing lately. This evening we were princesses (Princess Momma and Princess Remi) and we had to built our castle out of sand.


To be honest, bedtimes are tough without dad. For whatever reason, she gets an attitude and doesn’t want to listen, but we try to make it through without having a meltdown (either one of us! ha!).

But no matter if it’s difficult, I cherish time alone with my girl. I love her and I hope we grow to stay close.

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