Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

One of my favorite Facebook video creators (yes, that’s a thing, right?) toured near us in Tulsa…and my friend Kacee and I went to have a fun night.

We saw imomsohard and LAUGHED OUR TAILS OFF.

We set off to Tulsa after work (yes, things scheduled on a work night are hard, but worth it!).  We went to one of my faves for dinner, Yokozuna!  I love their sweet potato fries (but alas, too many carbs) so I had a sushi salad (no rice!) and it was DELISH!  We may have also enjoyed a cocktail with our dinner 😉

The weather was GORGEOUS. We decided to walk to the venue.  My mistake though, I thought it was super close and it was like a mile away.  Oops.  We stopped at this neat graffiti wall and some teenagers took our pic. ha!

We couldn’t take pictures during the show, but the ladies were HILARIOUS. They did a bit where ladies brought them their “mom bags” and they dug through it making fun of the contents of the bags. We just laughed for like 2 hours straight. And we had a great time together. I love when you get to spend one-on-one time with people you have been casual friends with for a while- it’s so nice to just dive deeper together.

Anyway, just wanted to remember taking this time for a fun mom’s night out. I’m thankful for friends to do fun things with!

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