Monthly Date Nights: January

Monthly Date Nights: January

wOne goal, resolution or whatever you want to call it that we discussed for the year was monthly date nights.

Yes, I know many couples who find time for weekly date nights, but that seemed a bit of a stretch for us.  But we DO have moms who love watching Remi, so we knew with a little intention, we could easily do monthly date nights.  It’s crazy how without planning, several months could go by without any intentional time together.


So we had a night where we took Remi to the Monkey House, and then my mom took her home to put her to bed and we went out after.  We went to our newish wine bar, Uncorked.  It’s SO GOOD.  I went a couple months ago with coworkers, and they’ve only improved since then.

The food is mostly small plates and appetizers.  We shared a few- including these delicious venison nachos!  They also offer beer flights, a wine vending machine-type thing that’s so fun to sample new things, and fun drinks.


We had a great spot in the side room, so we got to talk and hang out.  We had a bit of a scare when Tyler got a text from his supervisor wondering if he was working the basketball game that night.  Apparently he was supposed to be there, but they had it covered, so he didn’t have to leave.  But it was before we had gotten any of our food or drinks, so he could have left if he needed to.  Thankfully, we still got to enjoy our date night!

Here’s to more next month!

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