More Christmas Fun!

More Christmas Fun!

We had the MOST holiday fun, that there’s more to pack in here.

Remi went to the Christmas party at my dad’s nursing home…marking her THIRD visit with Santa. Girl loves the big man! Thankfully, she asked for the same thing every time- A big giant Peppa Pig house!


We went to our park one evening for Christmas lights and a train ride. We had a great time! Remi rode with Mimi, and Gigi and I shared a (tiny) seat.


Tyler and I enjoy this tradition every year!


The Friday before Christmas break, we got donuts. Remi had been cranky in the mornings, so I used it to snap her out of it. I told her if she was pleasant, we would get donuts. And she did!

We also picked up donuts for her teachers. She was excited to bring them to them!


That evening, we went to Christmas Lane, a super fun thing put on by a church in our area.

Tyler had to work, but us and the grandmas hit the town.

It was a little cold, but we had a great time!

We were waiting on the train to take us from the parking lot to Christmas Lane, and they were offering shuttle rides in church buses to help move the line along- and Remi opted for the van.


We got there and she immediately RAN to Frosty. Girl loves a mascot/costume. She chased down (and attacked) every person dressed like a reindeer, too.


This was amazing. It was ALL free, hosted by this church. Well organized, great signage, and happy volunteers.

Remi got to have a hot dog, smores, hot chocolate/cider, then we went inside and frosted a cookie (read: she took frosting shots!).


Inside, they had a cute set up where you took a photo and they put it on an ornament for you! Very sweet. There was live music, too!


Outside, there were pony rides, hay rides, carriage rides….she loved riding the ponies!


And the slide was a big hit! She was proud of herself for doing it alone!


And on the way back to the car, we got the train ride she was waiting for.

We LOVE Christmas time!

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