More Soap Making

More Soap Making

Just about every two weeks, I’m making a loaf of soap. This is the second batch of this recipe…and it still accelerated (or thickened) a little faster than I wanted….so I’m going to try a new recipe next time.

This set of bars is a masculine scent, and it’s camo-inspired in brown, tan and green.

The design isn’t what I was aiming for, but they turned out cool!

I also FINALLY got to use the first bars I made! This is the lavender soap I made from the kit….and it’s great. They cured for 5 weeks and are very solid bars. The smell is still very strong and it lathers well and makes your skin soft. A win! I gave most of the bars away.

I attempted my own soap recipe (you can create your own and run them through a soap calculator to check the lye amounts and the bar attributes), and while it worked BEAUTIFULLY while I made the soap…it never fully hardened in the mold.

I let it sit for like 5 days…and then I put it in the freezer to unmold it.

I cut the bars, but they cut very wonky since they were so soft.

The swirl looks beautiful, but who knows if the bars will be usable (the actual color is less yellow and more of a blush pink…the lighting in my dining room is weird.)

But I’m going to let them cure and hope they harden up once exposed to air. I hope they are usable! But probably not a recipe I’ll make again.

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