More than Fine

Lately, it seems when I talk to my friends, they are all just “fine.”

My mom used to say that all the time.  We started joking that “fine” was a bad word in our house because it didn’t show that you were really feeling anything.  “Fine” might as well be “I’m breathing.” If you were having issues, “fine” didn’t show the honesty.  If you were having a great day, “fine” downplayed it. My mom said that sometimes she just felt “fine” and mediocre. 

Well, I think “Fine” is an awful way to live.

I do have bad days, and days where I’m grumpy, tired, frustrated, and things are far from “fine.”

But most of the time, I try to find joy in my day.  Joy that I had time to snuggle with my puppy in the morning.  Joy that my coffee tasted so good.  Joy that I really love my coworkers and my job.  Joy that the sun is shining.  Joy that my body is healthy.  Joy that I’m surrounded by amazing people who love me.

God calls us to be joyful.  1 Thesselonions 5:16 says “Be joyful always.”  I know that since we are human, it’s not always possible.

But I’m challenging you.  I think “fine” is an attitude.  I think joy is a choice. 

Change it.  Be more than “fine.” 

Switchfoot had a song when I was in high school called More Than Fine.  I LOVE these lyrics:

More than fine. More than bent on getting by.
More than fine. More than just ok.

Why live life “fine” or “ok” when you can be happy/joyful/great? If your days are just getting by, just ok….then change it!

I know I can be a cock-eyed optimist, but I really think that it’s a choice.

Today, be more than “fine.”

If you are hurting or having a terrible day, be honest.  “Fine” does you no favors- share your heart, be open and let someone listen.  If you are feeling “fine,” then find the joy.  Find something to be excited about.

I’m praying that God fills me with much more than “fine.”  I know He did not create me to be “fine.”  He made me to live a life that’s full, amazing, exciting, full of love, laughter, blessings, some hurts, lots of comfort, and much more than “fine.”


  1. Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about this on my way into work this morning. There are a lot of negative people in my life right now and I feel for them, but I so wish they could see the bright side of things and find the joy. I’ve been praying over these people (co-workers) for some time…this post is spot on how I feel. Well written Britt!

  2. Love this!!! Great perspective!

  3. I love this post! I completely agree with using the word fine. I always want to be more than fine!


  4. Britt, I just love your heart! This is an awesome post! And you’re right… some days, we have to find something to get excited about! I needed to read this today! Thank you!

  5. It’s also like when you ask someone “How are you?” and their answer is automatically, “Good.” It’s become more of a greeting than someone truly asking and caring how you are. I agree with you completely.

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