More than I can ask or imagine

More than I can ask or imagine

Last night was the first night of our Spring Wednesday Bible studies. It was also my first night leading a class.


You read that right. I’m leading a class this semester.  We are going to do the study “Fight Back with Joy” and while I feel totally inadequate to teach, I felt like I needed this study and other women probably did too.

So I went on faith.  Faith that God would give me the ability to lead this class.  Faith that God would bring in the people who needed this study.

I prayed.  And while I worried that no one would show (we have several studies going on at the same time…so people go where they want.  Sometimes classes are big, sometimes they’re small), God gave me assurance.  So I prayed and felt at peace that I’d have 5 or so people in class.  But I was buying craft supplies for an activity during our first class and bought what felt like WAY too much.  We were making party hats, and I grabbed a pack of 20 hats instead of the smaller 8 pack.

And boy did God do more than I could ask or imagine!  We had 18 women in class last night!

And a few more might be coming next week! We had to grab chairs from another room to hold everyone.

I say that not to brag.  This isn’t about me. It’s about the study. I think we women need to learn how to use joy as a weapon against the tough stuff in life. And I can’t wait to grow together with these ladies.

Aren’t we cute in our party hats?!



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