Morning Snapshots

Morning Snapshots

Most mornings, I take Remi’s picture. I mean, I would anyway because, have you seen her? Adorable. But most mornings I take pictures to send to Tyler. He’s usually either working or asleep when we leave. Here are some fun pics from the last couple of weeks.

She was up early thanks to the time change, so we had time to play (most school mornings, it’s a little snuggle, new diaper/clothes, milk and out the door).

She loves to “help” with the laundry while I get our bags together.

I was doing dishes. She was mad she couldn’t get in the child-proofed cabinets.

This hooded onesie.  I died.

Weekend morning- extra snuggles. She’s loving taking selfies and seeing herself.

Sunday morning picture. Now that she’s walking, our front walkway is a great photo spot. Expect to see more of it. She walks down it and I can take her picture, where in the house there are too many distractions. ha!

A little kitchen playing while I got things together for the day. The whale spout hair kills me.

Milk face. Big smile. Love her so much.

An outfit pic for us both. And her sticking her tongue out for her selfie. Silly girl.

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