Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a lot of fun over Mother’s Day weekend. Unfortunately, Tyler wasn’t around for most of it because he was called out all weekend long almost, but Remi and I got to do some fun things.

It started Friday after school. I took Puddin to go pick her up, and I told her if she wanted to go take him to the park, we could. We had to go buy a leash (because I forgot one!), and then we hit the park. He’s doing great getting socialized, and Remi loved playing together.

After the park, she said she wanted to go home and make salads and sandwiches, so we stopped at the store on the way home and grabbed what we needed. We enjoyed making our salads together.

Saturday morning, Tyler got home RIGHT as we were loading up for the first Greenwood’s Farmer’s Market, and he was so gracious to come help me set up the tent. Since he went home to sleep (wishful thinking!), Remi hung out with me at the market.

She helped me get my table all set up, blew some bubbles, played on her tablet, seeing some friends, helping me sell soap and then she LOVED walking around. She mostly kept buying lemonade from some bigger girls who had a stand there. It was cute. She really admired that they had their own booth.

Midway through the market, Gigi stopped by, so Remi went with her for the afternoon.

Before she left, she made me this card with my soap logo. She is very proud of momma being a “soap artist.”

Saturday night, Tyler had to work again, so we had a girl’s night! We made popcorn and TV dinners (Remi’s request) and watched a movie on a pallet on the floor. Always fun with her!

Sunday, I had to get to church a little early because the choir was singing at all 3 services. Remi was SO big going with me (Tyler was called out….again), and then sitting in the seats by herself while we sang. I’m just so proud to be her momma.

Inbetween services, we snuck over to the photo area for a Mother’s Day photo. My sweet girl!

Tyler got off work just in time to go grab us a table for lunch. I picked our favorite Chinese buffet- and it was busy for the holiday, but thankfully, Tyler got there before we got out of church, so we never had to wait.

We went to the cemetery after lunch to put flowers out for dad and Gram, and then Remi went with Mimi to set up for our pool party (and I took a good nap!).

The weather hit almost 90 degrees, so we decided to swim and grill burgers for Mother’s Day. We loved hanging all together (us, Mimi and Gigi) and enjoying the beautiful weather!

And Puddin got to experience the pool and Mimi’s backyard, too. All that fun wore him out!

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