Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a very fun Mother’s Day weekend together.


Our tradition is to pick strawberries, and Remi girl joined in the fun!  The weather was really nice.

The big girl helped us all with our buckets. She’s a great helper.

She knew EXACTLY what to do when we came upon the first row of berries. She grabbed a red one and pulled it right off the plant and into the bucket. She wanted to be in charge of the buckets and was pretty mad when one of us moved them. ha!

After a little berry picking, we went on a hayride around the property.

We left the farm and met daddy for brunch. It was SO good. And somebody was pretty excited to see Dada.

Sundays, to be honest, can be hard.  I hate that Tyler is working. So I sort of got a cranky attitude. But this sunshine girl helped cheer me up.

We had church and lunch and then went home for naptime.

After naps, this silly girl wanted to eat popcorn with a spoon.

When Tyler got home, I went for a nice quiet walk- which ended up not so fun because I got GIANT blisters on my heels.

But otherwise, it was a great weekend together.

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