Well, I’m taking a break from reading and thawing out (I locked myself out this morning…and spent a total of 1.5 hours outside in 25 degree weather taking the bus and waiting for my landlord to open my apartment).

We moved the reception yesterday. The place we were dying to have it was under construction, and won’t be done in time. I was holding my breath and praying, but it just wasn’t realistic.

So we are back with our original plans (which I was perfectly happy with until we found this other place back in the fall…) and its gonna be good. We get all the same table decor, now we can do chair covers (since the other place had chairs that wouldn’t fit the covers), and we can make a yummy buffet. The room is bigger and more open, and I’m gonna make the best of it.

Tyler and I are going to decide on menu stuff tonight. Should be fun. I’m leaning towards a mashed potato bar (mashed taters served in martini glasses and lots of toppings, like cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, etc like a sunday bar! yum!). But we don’t know about the main dishes yet. I’ll let you know!

Ok, back to reading for Media. One more article left! I can make it….

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