Movies I’ve Never Seen

Movies I’ve Never Seen

I like watching movies.  It’s a regular occurrence at our house because we get Netflix DVDs (our Internet is too slow to stream).  We go to the movies for date nights.

But somehow, I have managed to NOT see some pretty popular movies.  Part of it I blame on performing in Branson during the time that some of these movies came out…or I just blame my taste in movies from keeping me from being interesting in some of these movies.

Whatever the reason…these are movies that people talk about ALL THE TIME that I’ve never seen.


The Matrix. I’ve never seen ANY of the Matrix movies.  These are due to a couple factors: I don’t love this genre the most…so I haven’t sought these out when I’ve had free time to watch them.  I wasn’t really seeing movies when they came out (Branson time). Tyler really likes these movies…so I’m sure sometime in the future I’ll watch them.

Lord of the Rings. These have never seemed appealing to me.  I don’t love period movies (and these are obviously set into a certain period) and the weird fantasy thing isn’t my “thing” either.  I know they are on TV all the time….and many people love them…but I have never wanted to watch them.

Dreamgirls. Yes, this is a musical.  Yes, it has Beyonce in it.  Yes, I OWN IT.  But somehow, I’ve never seen it.  I LOVE the music….and I will watch it soon (I mean, I own the freaking DVD) but I just haven’t watched it yet.

500 Days of Summer. I have no excuse for this one…other than when it came out I was in my senior year of college. And all my friends were talking about all the feelings they felt watching this movie…and I wasn’t ready to deal with that. ha!  I like similar movies (or at least the ones Netflix tells me are similar) so I’ve added it to our Netflix queue to remedy the “I’ve never seen it” problem.

Brave. I love Disney.  I love princesses.  But I’ve never seen this one. I guess I’m sort of against a princess movie with no singing.  I like what I’ve heard about Merida being strong and awesome….but I’ve never seen it.


So what’s your input?  Any movies that others ALWAYS talk about that you’ve never seen?  Any of these I have to see? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. the Matrix movies are amazing!! You totally should check them out! I’ve never seen some Christmas movies like…Miracle on 34th St or the one with the red BB gun. 🙂

    • Well I’ve got you on the Christmas movies, then! I LOVE Christmas movies. I would recommend the NEWER Miracle on 34th Street….I think they nailed it back in the 90s. And I just saw The Christmas Story (with the bb gun!) a couple of years ago. It’s a little slower, but SO funny. I’ve got them all if you want to borrow them. 🙂

  2. I’m the same way, Brittney. I’ve actually started a board on pinterest of movies to see so I can keep track of all the ones I really don’t want to forget in case I don’t see them right away when they come out! It’s also helpful to remind me of those older ones that I still haven’t gotten to (Matrix and Back to the Future are two that I probably should’ve seen by now . . . .). Love the blog- hope you’re doing well!

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