My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

I’ll be really honest- I tried to make my own birthday plans this year. I’m big on birthdays, and it seems like plans get thrown together at the last minute and I didn’t want that. But then nothing came together.  Tried to get friends together for a fun day- but the time/date didn’t work.  Tried to plan a spa day, but my masseuse cancelled at the last minute. So I kind of had no plans, which was a bit disappointing.

Mom took me shopping Saturday and tried to brighten my day, but I was in a bit of a cranky mood.  Tyler and I were going out to eat that night, so I was looking forward to that. We left Remi at home with Gigi and headed out.

I asked for a progressive dinner, so we started at Rolandos. We had guacamole and margarita, but I felt like he was oddly rushing me.  We weren’t in a hurry…what was his deal?

Well, his deal was that our next stop was my surprise party! A room full of friends and family were waiting on us and they got me good! I cried happy tears.

Amber had come in from Memphis just for this (so sneaky! She told me she had a training in NWA when we had lunch earlier that day. I thought she was headed back to Memphis).

Remi was supposed to be home with Gigi…but she was there too!

We had a fun dinner and then delish cake!

We got to meet sweet Ella- our friend’s baby. But they moved to Tulsa right after she was born.

I call this the calm before the storm because on Monday, all hell broke lose. On my actual birthday, I woke up at 1 a.m. nauseous. I got sick later and was sick ALL day. Tyler was sick too, and it turns out we all got it from the party. I don’t think it was food poisoning (it took too long to come on) but 11/20 people from the party were sick (so far…I hope no one else falls victim). I missed out on my work party. My people were planning an AMAZING VIP party complete with a burrito bar and a delicious cake. But I was stuck in bed trying not to die.  They did send me pics of virtual Brittney enjoying herself! 18920331_10100116298015463_1850892596052673571_n.jpg

I just know that 30 can only go up from here!

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