My Afternoon in Photos: Walk to the Pond

My Afternoon in Photos: Walk to the Pond

Yesterday afternoon was a gorgeous afternoon. It was sunny and in the 60s, which was a great break from the 30 degree cold front we’ve had.

I wanted to spend a little time outside before church, but where we live, my options are front yard, back yard, or walk in the road.  Since it was around 5, I didn’t want to walk on the road so I didn’t have to dodge everyone coming home for the day.

So I decided to trek down to the pond with Pippin (Mikey is an old fogey and won’t walk).

It’s not far from our house down the hill to the pond, but I don’t go down there often.  There’s a gate to open, old cow patties to dodge…but once I get down there, it’s so peaceful.

During the summer, we can feed catfish here. I hope the recent flooding hasn’t washed them all out of the pond.

The sun on the water was wonderful.

There were a ton of noisy birds in this tree.  They were bathing in the flood waters below.  

The dock isn’t much, but I love it. Rustic, old. I know someday we’ll fix it.  But for now, it’s perfect the way it is.

Sort of like life.  There are things to change, but also things to admire. What a gift we’ve been given to be able to see the beauty in the imperfect.

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