My Confessions

The time has come again for Friday’s confessions.  Let’s go….

1. I confess that I’m just not back into the swing of things. Life is hard when you are gone for 1.5 weeks.  Laundry, cleaning, cooking, working out (besides teaching Zumba) are things I really haven’t done much of since returning home Tuesday night.  Hoping to get back with it this weekend.

2. Tyler’s birthday was yesterday.  He doesn’t make a big deal out of it.  In fact, I didn’t see him until bedtime.  I left for work while he was asleep, and he went to play tennis before I got home!  But we are celebrating tonight with a yummy meal (his request: steak and hashbrown casserole!), and Sunday with our families.

3. I haven’t bought his birthday gift yet.  He wanted a gun holster, and he has yet to email me link to buy it.

4. I’m having Hanson withdrawals. It always happens after a concert.  I binge on Hanson media- listening to only Hanson music, looking at pins on Pinterest, watching Youtube videos….a few days and I should calm back down.

5.  I’m excited to have nothing on my plans for this weekend, other than a family BBQ on Sunday.  We will do other stuff, but it’s nice to just play it by ear and have no commitments.

That’s all folks! Happy weekending!

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