My Creations!

So I spent most of this morning/afternoon sewing.
I managed to not break the machine and not ruin anything! 🙂
I made some Christmas gifts (that I will have to show you later…because I know my mom looks at this and I don’t want to ruin her gift!)
But I did make some cute kitchen tea towels… well, I didn’t make the towels. I put a cute little design on them. And I made this new Razorback shirt. I washed and dried it and it made it through the wash, so I must be doing something right!
So far, I’m only successful at towels and t-shirts (and some other stuff) but I really like doing it, and I think they came out really cute. So if you want a towel or shirt (I could do any team) leave me a comment. We could set something up. 🙂

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