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Today’s Ouachita Baptist University blogabout topic is: What does Ouachita mean today or how has it helped you get to where you are today?

Well, OBU means so much to me. If you have been reading my posts for the last month during this blogabout, you know that OBU had a irreplaceable role in forming me into the person I am today.

OBU formed me into a leader in my field. I learned so much during my time at Ouachita in the classroom. In grad school, I was often ahead of my classmates because of things I had learned at OBU. In the workplace, I am constantly using things I learned in the classroom, and I know not everyone can say that. Now, I am not (Sorry Dr. Motl) directly using things I learned in core classes like World History, but I do daily use things I learned in my classes for my majors, and things I learned about deadlines, persistence, and seeking knowledge daily.

OBU formed me into a better Christian. I learned in the classroom about my faith and grew tremendously. I took some required courses in Bible Interpretation and a survey of the Bible. But I also took some extracurricular, just because I wanted to take them classes about Missions, Spiritual Formation and other things. We prayed in class often. I also shaped my faith through ministries and such that were offered on campus.

OBU formed me into a servant leader. I was given sooooo many opportunities to serve and lead while at Ouachita. I think being a small campus is a plus in this area. There are so many things constantly going on on campus, but because the student body is small, it requires that students step up and lead, often in multiple roles. I also took a course in Servant Leadership. How many colleges offer that? I was able to learn about and put into practice what it means to be a servant leader.

OBU formed me into me. It is the place I found some of my greatest friends, my husband, my passions, my dreams, my aspirations. Because of all the things OBU has given me, it will always be one place my heart feels like it is home. I spent 4 years there. Four wonderful, blessed years. This video was posted on Facebook, and a recent OBU student created it. I don’t know the video producer, but I can tell you that watching it made my heart happy. It made my heart, for 7.5 minutes, feel at home. It is everything great about OBU. From the connection between students, faculty, random traditions (stealing the Tiger’s tail? I don’t think so!) and more.

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