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Today’s prompt is about our hobbies.  
Well, as I mentioned before, I’m a Zumba instructor…so lots of my free time goes into that.  Teaching Zumba, making up dances, searching for music.  It is really a second job.  But I enjoy it, so I see it as a hobby.
Teaching Zumba at my 80’s birthday party…hence the old school leotard!
I also am trying to learn how to sew and quilt.  I have made a couple quilts for friends and family, and am working on one now.  I think I might sew this weekend and attempt to finish it.
A quilt I made my momma
I like to cook as well.  I don’t have tons of time for it, since three nights a week I teach Zumba and am home a little too late to cook a full meal.  However, I do enjoy trying new recipes and new ingredients.
I like to read and became OBSESSED with the Hunger Games when I read them earlier this year.  OBSESSED.  Like read all three books, re-read the first one, saw the movie, got Hunger Games glasses for Easter, wore a T-shirt to the premier…you get the idea.  I CAN’T wait for the second movie to come out.
Tyler and I do like watching movies.  I get a Netflix subscription every year from my grandma for my birthday, so we enjoy watching a movie or two a week.
Honestly, I just like being with people.  Which came up in a discussion with Tyler last night. Let’s get real.  We have lived here for a year, and I don’t have a close friend that I feel like I can call up and randomly talk to and do random things with.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have made friends.  I have friends at work.  I have made friends with other Zumba instructors.  I have made friends at Zumba.  We have a few friends at church, and some friends of Tyler’s who have “taken me in.”  But I feel like I haven’t made any close friends.  It sounds pathetic, and I KNOW it sounded pathetic last night when I was lamenting to Tyler.  It is difficult because I know he doesn’t crave the community and friendship that I do.  He doesn’t fully understand.  However, it’s the truth.  I love hanging with Tyler, but he has his own hobbies and interests, too.  And sometimes that leaves me alone because I don’t who to call.  Anytime I get together with people, it feels like it has to be a big event.  A movie outing with a big group.  A baby shower or birthday party.  I’m not sure the last time I just walked around the mall with a friend.  Not to sound like my life is horrible.  It isn’t.  I have lots of people who make me happy…but I just wish the Lord would make me part of a group of girl friends.  Because honestly for me, I love being with people.  I just don’t know how to be included in these groups I see around me.  Enough with the melodramatic…but that’s what’s going on in my life right now.  
So anyway, those are my hobbies: Zumba, crafting, cooking, and friends.  What are you into? 


  1. Hey, I’m always looking for a pal to eat Rolondos with, mull around A-Z, be crafty with, etc. And I have a craft room that needs using! Maybe we can make it happen sometime! And after I have this baby I’m going to need to join your Zumba class! (and I’m totally as obsessed with the Hunger Games as you!)

  2. ah i love zumba!!! i did zumba 2x weekly while TTC! I like to think all those hip movements we did helped loosen up this ol gal. kidding!
    following too!

  3. OK, I realllllly think Zumba looks like a complete blast. I’ve wanted to try it for so long!
    And I saw the comment above about Rolandos – we have one here (are you in the River Valley?) but I haven’t been to it yet!

    Thanks for joining in on the challenge!!

    • Jenna- Zumba is SO fun. You really ought to try a class with the Zumba Ladies in Fayetteville (I think they also teach in B-ville). I think they are the best instructors in NWA.

      I am in the River Valley! I lived in Fayetteville for two years during grad school until May 2011. I love this area!

      Thanks for your comment and for hosting this fun challenge!

  4. Zumba sounds like fun–I haven’t ever tried it but it looks like a fun way to get some exercise in!!

    • Zumba is so much fun! The hour can go by and I don’t even realize it! Go to and find a class near you! It is great! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  5. That quilt looks great! Wish I was that good with my sewing machine!

    And I know what you mean about the friends thing. I feel like when I got married and now have a baby I kind lost my friend circle because I am at a different phase in life. I spend a lot of time with my husband because really he is my best friend, but he’s really not like a good “girlfriend”! haha =)

    • Aimee- your comment nailed what I was feeling! My husband makes a great best friend/companion…but a terrible girlfriend! ha! Thanks for visiting!

  6. I love zumba and totally understand the friends thing. I moved from the river valley, where i grew up, to Bentonville and am still trying to find that set of girlfriends. I have great teacher friends, but they all have kids. It doesn’t help that my best friend moved to the Texarkana area.
    Special Teaching in the Middle

    • Alana- thanks for visiting! Good to find another RV girl (or former RV girl!) I joke sometimes that we need speed dating for friends. Wouldn’t that be a fun way to meet people? ha!

  7. I know what you mean about the friends! Email me! efamilyblog @ gmail dot com. I’m in the RV too and we can totally meet up to do something! Friendships start somewhere! 🙂 Have a great day!!

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