My Inner Sarah Palin!

Yesterday we went to Ty’s grandpa’s farm. We took lots of toys to play with. We started riding around the farm…then the boys started to work on Ty’s fourwheeler…so us ladies took off. Ty’s mom Nancy, and his cousin Heather hopped on bikes, and me and his cousin Kelsey took the RZR and rode up the road to visit some family. Like 90% of their family lives within a 15-20 minute ride down a country road. So we road down to visit a few cousins and aunts and uncles. When we got back, the boys were done working on stuff, and they were shooting. So I joined in the fun, channeling my inner Sarah Palin (have you seen her new show…its all outdoors and shooting!). This is me shooting Tyler’s uncle’s (Dwight…the guy in the corner of the pic) crossbow. It was fun to shoot a bow and arrow!

We shot at this little yellow target with a deer on it. This was my first shot…almost got him! A few shots later, I was doing much better. You just have to learn to aim right…
And I got to play with some of Tyler’s guns. A couple of his pistols had some serious kick to them…so I liked this little .22 a lot better. It looks fierce, but it shoots little bullets and doesn’t kick back at all.
I was a much better shot with the .22. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a golf ball on that bucket. And twice I shot at the golf ball…and twice I hit it right off there! We also shot at the green mountain dew can in the tree (see it?)

We all hopped back on bikes, 4wheelers, and UTVs at sunset to squeeze out the last little bit of riding time…and this was the Oklahoma sunset.

Then we ate dinner and played Dugees, or Wahoo…or marbles (we call it all three). They are wooden gameboards that Tyler’s family makes and we love to play. Its competitive! Tyler and JJ beat Heather and Nancy…then me and Kelsey played the winners and lost! There is always next time….

I wanted to take a picture of my favorite pictures in grandpa’s house. This was grandpa when he was in the Navy. He looks so handsome here! I would love to have a copy of this for our house someday!
This is their whole little family back in the day. Grandpa, grandma (who passed before I came along…wish I could have met her!), Dwight and Nancy. I love how classic they all look. I think Grandma looks so glamorous and classy and I love that bright red lipstick! She and I would have gotten along great I think!
And another favorite…Tyler as a little boy! haha! Gotta love that long hair and goofy grin!
We did have some disasters coming home last night (everyone is ok)…that I will tell you about tomorrow. But before the disasters, it was a great day!

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