My name is Brittney and I have a problem…

I am addicted to Fiestaware. See examples here and here. But this problem has reared its ugly head as of late. It all started because my mom asked me what Fiesta pieces I might want for Christmas. Its especially wonderful that my grandma works at Dillards…who sells Fiesta…so she will (more than likely) get me some Fiesta for Christmas!
So I started looking and wishing and hoping for some new pieces….then I made the mistake of getting on ebay and looking and wishing and hoping. I bought some new Fiesta. I did get some great deals on some things…and these are two items (well really 6 items in 2 boxes) that I have gotten in. 2 more items on their way…to come later. Here is what I recently got in the mail.

The big mugs are called Jumbo Mugs…and they hold like 20 ounces (I’m thinking soup when I’m sick…or cereal…the possibilities are endless.) The mugs are in scarlet, sunflower, peacock, and tangerine. And those little ball thingies are candleholders. A stick candle goes in the hole…and they are periwinkle (I had to buy these because its a color I didn’t have before. Its a retired color…making them more rare and valuable!). See I would someday like to own every color of Fiesa ever made (lofty goal!), and I HAD to buy those candleholders to continue on towards my goal! 🙂 *totally justifying useless spending*
Anyway, I have two more items on their way here in two more new colors that I couldn’t pass up. I will share those when they come in. But for now, let’s just keep the new stuff between me and you…my husband doesn’t know I splurged and made some ebay purchases! 🙂 I doubt he will notice the new stuff on the shelf…and I’m not gonna tell him!

Fiesta colors I currently own a piece in: (in case you are wondering…and so I can keep up with my collection)
Pearl Gray
Rose (the new Rose…if you collect Fiesta, you know there are two Rose colors)
and coming are Sapphire and Chartreuse (the new one)…which are both limited edition colors (Sapphire was a Bloomingdale’s exclusive and Chartreuse only had a two year run).

I do not have: Black, Heather, Juniper, Persimmon, Lilac, Sea Mist, Yellow, Apricot, White, Turf Green, Antique Gold, Medium Green, Gray, Old Chartruese, Rose, Turquoise, Ivory, Light Green, Blue (cobalt), Mango Red, and Radioactive Red. Also, one color I will (more than likely) never have is Raspberry…as only 500 bowls in that color were ever produced and they are extremely rare and expensive. But a girl can wish, and shop on ebay. 🙂

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