My no good horrible yesterday

Ok, so I had a great Wednesday lined up. I usually work and write on Wednesdays, but my advisor is still working on edits from my last writing session, so I had no writing to do.
I was going to clean out my car (its in DIRE need…I still have clothes in the back from the last time I went home 3+ weeks ago), and start my sewing. See, when I was home a few weeks ago, we bought a sewing machine at an estate sale. I got it while I was home, and was ready to sew. I had bought fabric and my first task was to make a valance/curtain for our living room window.
Well, I woke up and it was raining. So no cleaning out the car. I was super bummed. A dirty car just feels so depressing every time I get in it. That task will have to wait until the rain stops in a few days.
Oh well, I thought I would start my sewing. I carefully cut the fabric, ironed it, pinned it, ironed it again, wound my bobbin, and threaded the machine. I was ready. Though I’ve only sewed a few times before, I was confident that I could accomplish a few straight seams on a curtain and be well on my way to learning how to sew.
I set the fabric on under the footer and pushed down on the foot pedal. (for the record, as I’m typing every letter “f” my fingers are going to the “d” key…so I am correcting every word that begins with “f” for some reason. Just wanted you to know.) As I began to sew, I got a few stiches in, hit the reverse button to lock in my stitches, then went back to regular sewing. A few more stiches later, my machine freaked out.
As in, it shorted and quit working. Wouldn’t turn on. Dead. Gone.
I almost cried. I didn’t really know what to do, so I called a local sewing machine shop. For $25, they would take a look at it. So I packed it up and hauled it in. The sewing machine repairman was not optimistic. It could be a fuse. But then we have to find out why it blew a fuse, which will cost me more money and labor time. It could be electricronic, but they have stopped making electronic parts for that particular machine, so I will be out of luck if that is the problem. Great.
So while I won’t know for several days what is wrong with my machine, I am praying it is a simple fix and that we didn’t spend money on a used machine that won’t work.
All was not lost yesterday, however. After a nap (because I was feeling very pity-party Pissy Pam), I woke up and went and worked out. Laveda and I ran for 5 mintues! Yes, FIVE MINUTES! We did a 5 minute sprint! I felt so accomplished! We are trying it again today. So proud of myself for that.
Now I only need for the sewing machine to be cheaply fixable and yesterday will no longer be the no good horrible day.

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