My Phobia

Leanne posted about her phobia of getting her hair cut.  Well, I have a phobia.  The dentist.  I realize this is fairly common…but I had to face mine on Wednesday.

I hadn’t seen a dentist in years.  When I moved to Fayetteville, I didn’t have the time or money to see a dentist (and I wouldn’t have known where to go if I did). So now that we are settled and I have dental insurance, I sucked it up and went to the dentist.

I got my teeth cleaned on Tuesday.  It was tough.  Because it had been so long, they had lots of scraping of my gums and such to do.  Ouch.  They also found a few spots on my fillings (I have 4 fillings on back teeth…one in each corner of my mouth) that needed to be fixed.  Three teeth- 5 spots.  I made an appointment for Wednesday for what I thought was fixing all three teeth.

My dentist office is pretty nice.  TVs above the chair, and a nice window to look out.

Well, all day I was getting anxious.  I got there and was trying to stay calm watching 4 Weddings on TLC.  The lady came in to numb me, and she said we were only doing one tooth.  I freaked out.  So I had to come back?  And my price is only for one tooth?  I was going to have to come back and pay more?  I’m not sure I could handle that.  I started freaking out, and I teared up.  I told her I wasn’t sure if we couldn’t do them all if I should do any of them.  I wanted to get them all done with at once.  She basically told me to suck it up.  That I was already there, so let’s do it.  I agreed.  She numbed me…but I couldn’t calm down.  When the dentist came in, he told me I should have the nitrous oxide.  He told me he didn’t feel comfortable doing the filling with me so anxious.  So I agreed.

Me, as an alien hooked up to the nitrous.

It ended up being ok.  My mouth is still a little sore.  I was embarassed that I freaked out so badly, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.  And I go back in September to finish the job.  I think I’ll just ask upfront for the gas.



  1. Haha…from hair to teeth. We all definitely have our different phobias. Yours though seems much more legitimate…dentists can be scary!

    Happy Monday 🙂

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