My Very Own Personal Shopper

I love clothes (as witnessed if you see our dorm-room sized closet, mostly full because of moi).
However, I don’t always have a ton of time to go shopping, with work and Zumba and fun weekend plans and such.  Enter Stich Fix.
My friend Kristan first blogged about it, and I signed up.  It’s easy.  For $20, they send you 5 items that are picked just for you.  You have 3 days to decide what to keep and what to send back.  If you keep anything, the $20 styling fee gets applied to your items (meaning they styled you fo free, yo!).
The items have been a little nicer quality than most of my stuff (like Loft quality, instead of Old Navy) so they are a little pricier.  But last month, I kept three items.
Cardigan (41Hawthorne brand) for $48. I adore the saturated pink color, the soft knit, and the slimming shape. So flattering.
Green printed blouse (don’t remember brand?) for $68.  A bit pricey, but I adore the cut!  (I also love it styled with a blazer…they recommend styling tips with each piece and this was a tip for this green blouse.)
And this cuuuuute turquoise necklace for $28 (what I’d pay at a typical boutique). 
And this month? Well, I’m a little sad that most of my items were fitting really snug (they are still learning my body type…it’s only my second month. Your fixes get better over time because they learn your style)  But I LOVED this navy and tan polka dot skirt.  Totally not something I would typically choose for myself, but I loved it.
I styled it like this with a chambray top.
And they recommended it with stripes and a bright cardi.  I like it too, I think!
I also kept a cute necklace for mom…but no pics (because it’s for mom!).
Here’s what I LOVE about Stitch Fix: I can schedule my fixes.  Right now, I’m on the monthly plan to build up my wardrobe with some nicer pieces.  But, I can still schedule them.  Last month I had my box delivered just days before I left for the Hanson concerts.  I left instructions that I was going to a concert, so they gave me a cute, fun top to wear.
And for this month, it arrived right before Homecoming. Next month I’m getting my fix right before Thanksgiving and a girls weekend to see a musical with mom. I LOVE that I can request items to fit my schedule, just as if I were shopping for myself.
If you want to sign up, click here.  I love it, and I think you will too.  You can sign up for one fix, or recurring fixes, like this fashion junkie. 🙂  


  1. HOW FUN!!!!

  2. Oh I am SO glad you blogged about this! I have been wondering how this worked and it sounds perfect! I might sign up right now!

  3. I just signed up!

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