My Weekend: A List

Top 10 Things I did This Weekend:

10. Got a polish change on my toes. REALLY needed a pedicure, but didn’t have the time (and didn’t want to spend the $) so I just got a polish change. I am now rocking some neon orange on my piggies.

9. Watched Tyler and his buddy JJ at the rc car track. (for those newbies here, yes, my husband is cool and he enjoys the hobby of racing remote controlled cars.)

8. New purse from Solemates. Brown leather and really trendy…all for $28! Great price for a purse from a boutique.

7. GREAT message at church this morning about being a Godly wife and what it means to “submit” Our pastor (and his wife!) talked in church about how submission is not a bad word, its about voluntarily surrendering to your husband because you want to be obedient to Christ. Great message.

6. Spending the evening with our friends Brooke and Warren Friday evening. We tried a new classy Spanish restaurant in town, Maravellas, for dinner. It was yummy. Good, spicy salsa, yummy cheesedip, GREAT fish tacos, and cheap margaritas. Then we went bowling. It was the late night bowling, complete with black lights and party music!

5. Cleaning half of the house in preparation for next weekend’s housewarming/open house party. I love a clean house, and I really don’t mind doing the cleaning (most of the time!). The only bad moment of my cleaning was touch-up painting the kitchen…and the paint didn’t match perfectly…so I had to paint a whole wall in our kitchen. But at least I got it finished and it looks good!

4. Delicious lunch at Red Lobster with my hubby after church today, and shopping at Kohl’s with a 30% coupon! Got some new platform black flip flops and some fall placemats for our dining room! Thanks honey!

3. Seeing Crazy, Stupid Love with Lauren (JJ’s girlfriend..JJ is Tyler’s mechanic) and having a yummy steak dinner beforehand. We ate like boys (steak and baked potatoes!) and saw a rom-com while the boys played at the rc track.

2. Got a FANTASTIC massage Friday after work. Like so-good-I-fell-asleep-during-part-of-it good. Glorious.

1. Naps. Two of them. One Saturday after cleaning and one today. Can I get an “Amen” people? Naps are always the best part of the weekend.

BONUS: It rained again this weekend! Our pond is full again, or at least you can’t see the bottom of it anymore….and our field is turning back green! Thankful to God for blessing us with the much needed rain!

What was the best thing about YOUR weekend?


  1. The hubs is totally thinking of taking me to the Memphis show, so it is possible that I will be there! If not we are thinking of going to the Kansas City show on Oct 1. I have never seen Hanson live — seriously! I’ve been a fan since ’97 so I am long overdue to see them! I’ll let you know if I will be at the Memphis show for sure!

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I went to see Crazy, Stupid Love too — it was so cute! Love Steve Carell!

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