My Zumba Class!

My Zumba class is amazing.  Seriously.
I currently teach 7 classes a week (3 time slots at one location…and one class at another location).  My gym classes are so fun!  We have a crazy mix of people.  From moms who bring their young kids, to nurses and doctors, to teenagers, to spicy latin ladies, to a 65+ man….our mix is random….but our fun is no coincidence!
I set my classes with one rule: have fun!  I tell them that I could care less if they do it perfectly, I just want them to let loose and enjoy themselves!
Lately, one of my time slots has gotten crazy packed….like 45 people in a small room…but it only makes the party even better!
But beyond having fun, sweating and burning calories: here is what I currently LOVE about my Zumba classes.  Once a month (on the last Thursday of the month), I put a jar at the front of the room.  They bring spare change, dollars, and even $10 bills to donate.  Each month, our money goes to a different organization.  We started this in 2012, and so far we have raised $120 for the American Heart Society, $90 for the American Cancer Society…and this month we are raising money for the Humane Society!  I LOVE their giving hearts!
This is a video of our class (this was several months ago….before we got super packed) but you can feel the fun energy they give!  So great!  I LOVE Zumba, and I am so blessed with such great classes!


  1. Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser and they took a Zumba class and it looked like so much fun! I would love to do it, but I am terrified that I’ll make a fool of myself! lol

    • Kristin…that is beauty of Zumba…you most likely WILL make a fool of yourself (which you saw if you watched the Biggest Loser clip…they weren’t awesome dancers…they weren’t “with it” but they had fun and got a great workout). It will take several classes to really get it…but it isn’t about being perfect, its about getting a great workout. I tell people 3 things: 1) take a friend to your first class so you laugh your way through it. 2) if you don’t like your first class, try again. Try a different class with a different instructor. Classes and teachers have their own flavors and you might have to sample a few to find one you like. 3) just go to have fun! you will all look like fools (even I look crazy or stupid at times teaching it!) but the point is to go sweat and have fun!

      Give it a try! you can find local classes on (or if you are in Fayetteville I can recommend some places…just let me know!)

  2. So I watched the video and it looks like so much fun, but I am still scared to go…it seems like something I would like to do but look really really stupid doing, you know? I need some encouragement!

    • Emily…I felt the same way when I started. My advice is threefold. 1)bring a friend. This way you laugh through your first class. 2)if you HATE the first class, try others. Different instructors and classes have different “flavors” I took about 4 different classes with different instructors before I fell in love with Zumba. 3) you will feel stupid at first. I did. Most of my new people have that “what in the world am I doing” look on their face. However, the more you go, the more you “get” it. And then its super fun. And some of my clumsiest people are now my best dancers because they have fun with it.

      give it a try! You can find local classes on!

  3. Having fun while at work can definitely feel rewarding. Not to mention the fact that get to you keep your body fit while you’re at it. Love what you do. Need I say that to you? 😉 Nah-uh. The accomplishment in teaching something that can help women improve their self characteristics is another good thing. Zumba helps tone the body and improve health. Two things women, mothers particularly, need to always feel beautiful.

    Celia Maciomhair

  4. I have been doing Zumba for 2 years now. I am even considering becoming a instructor. I am not the best dance. My favorite Zumba quote is:”There are no wrong moves in Zumba just great solos” Aqua Zumba is great also. No one even can see you but the instructor. Stay encourage because it work. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and toned.

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