Name Brands at Discounts…and almost Free Shipping!

I like to shop.  Probably too much.  When I have a bad day, I prefer unwinding by opening my wallet.  New stuff makes me feel all sparkly inside.  (I know, I know…things shouldn’t make us feel pretty, valued, and good….I do find my worth in God, but I sure do love a new pair of shoes!)  While I do LOVE shopping, I don’t love paying full price for things.  I am always on the hunt for online coupons, or I sign up to get emails from stores to get coupon codes (but who else HATES getting all that junk mail!  And I never seem to get a code in my email when I actually want to order something).
Anyway, a good thing for my shopping life is that I recently came across Rue La La.  It is not new, so I may just be late to the party, but let me explain.
Rue La La is a website where they open “boutiques” of various brands at SLASHED prices.  I have seen everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, even wine and vacations.  These “boutiques” are mini online stores with limited merchandise.  They are open for about 2 days (and they always open at 10:00 a.m. central time).  You get to preview what is coming up next.  And they have an app for iPhones and Android that you can shop right on your phone!
Brands that have recently had boutiques that interested me are Vera Bradley, Lucky Jeans, Joes Jeans, BCBG, Diesel, Patagonia, Tweezerman, SPANX, Calvin Klein, Le Creuset, KitchenAid, Diane Von Furstenburg and many more.  
Here are some things I recently bought from Rue!
Lucky jeans half off!
 KitchenAid knives for $16!  (for all three!)
 French Connection top….originally $118….got it for $29!
 Tweezerman tweezers for half price!
How about shipping?  Well they have the Rue 30.  That means, the first time you buy an item, shipping is $10.  Then for the next 30 days, you get free shipping.  When 30 days is out, you just pay $10 again!  It is amazing!  So everything you order in 30 days gets shipped for just $10…or you could imagine that you get 29 days of free shipping! ha!
Rue La La carries womens, mens, shoes, kids (They have Little Rue….a kids boutique), accessories, home, and so much more!  Check it out! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!
If you want to join, here is a special invitation from me to you!  You have to “register” but its free…until you buy something, of course!  Happy shopping!

PS.  After today’s boutiques opened at 10, there are some ADORABLE Calvin Klein dresses (pretty reasonable around $60) and a whole boutique full of ankle booties!  eek!)

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