Nancy’s Birthday

Monday was my mother-in-law Nancy’s birthday. To celebrate, the day before on Sunday, we went to Grandpa’s farm.
We ate lunch of sandwhiches and a giant cupcake cake. (this picture was really only half the cake still standing…we had eaten the whole back of it!)
Then we went riding. Luckily, for January, it was a nice warm day. We were bundled up in layers, but we weren’t too cold. We rode up and mountain and back. I didn’t take my camera up the mountain…so no pictures of that.
When we got back, it was snack time, so we moved all the food outside and had a picnic.

Mikey came along too! He was a good little dog (even though I don’t think Grandpa was thrilled about having him there. Grandpa has never had an inside dog, so letting Mikey in was a big step!)
I drove the RZR, and you can see it was muddy. It was kinda fun to get a little muddy!

It was a fun way to celebrate Nancy’s birthday with the whole family! Happy birthday Nancy!


  1. that sounds SO FUN! and that dog cracks me up! what a cutie…he looks like he has a smirk on his face in that picture haha love it

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