Nature Night

Nature Night

One evening after dinner, we were playing outside, which very quickly turned into nature night when we spotted a couple fun creatures!

Remi found a ladybug- and I was encouraging her to pick it up. She’s been a little leery of bugs lately, so I was very surprised that she went for the ladybug and let it crawl all over.

They are tickly little bugs! She liked it!


Then Tyler found this tiny little turtle under her trampoline.  It was shy, but we put it in the water table and it started swimming.


It was a tiny little guy, but we think he’s a snapper so we didn’t let Remi hold him.  We did, however, let him stay overnight in the water table (don’t worry, he had a place where he could get out of the water), and we released him the next morning.


Remi was so excited to see him the next morning. And daddy scooped him up and put him in the grass. Happy, long life to you, Mr. Turtle!


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