New and Favorite Things

I got some fun new things this weekend that I wanted to share…
Tyler HATED the clock I had bought at Ikea, so I found a new one at Hobby Lobby.  I love it!
And then there’s this beauty. While we were in Dallas last weekend, Taylor took us to a neat store called We Are 1976. It was full of vintage treasures and neat gifts. They had a ton of circus posters up on the wall that grabbed my attention. My nursery when I was young was circus, so I love the circus stuff. I started flipping through the posters, and saw this beautiful one. Then I realized it was from Arkadelphia!! It even says adjacent to Ouachita football fields (the town and college we went to!). I framed it and hung it in our bedroom.
And since I was moving stuff and taking pictures, I wanted to chronicle some favorites. I moved this to over my nightstand. It’s a painting we bought in Mexico- a man did the whole thing with spray paint!!
This is a painting I did at Cross My Art. I love it so much! It’s hanging in the living room.
Right below that painting is this table. Kristin made me this cute little print. It’s Hanson lyrics- and I keep all my Hanson merchandise in this table! Check out her etsy shop full of cute graphics and stuff!
A family friend made us this tile for a wedding gift (on the sofa table in the living room).
I got this “disco elephant” from my Gram. She didn’t want it anymore. I always remember it being in her home, so I wanted it. My Grandpa gave it to her and old her to put it facing the front door for prosperity…so he faces our front door too!
Tyler bought me this for our anniversary. It’s so special!
I made this window art. It makes me smile on the daily.
My sweet friend Amanda made this for us for our wedding. It isn’t a generic alphabet print. She took all three of those photos!
Yes, that’s a cheesy surf board souvenir underneath it.  Tyler HAD to have it.
This posters is a print from the black sand beach in Hawaii. We took it on our honeymoon.
I love this in my kitchen. I painted that canvas my senior year of college in my dorm room, getting ready for my first apartment. It’s hung up in all my homes, and now it’s surrounded by my Gram’s china.
And this is also in my kitchen. It’s a picture taken by Taylor Hanson. I bought it at Hanson Day from the art gallery. It’s says “Bertha’s Diner.” My great grandma’s name was Bertha, and I’m named after her. It’s special to me.
Those are some of my favorite things in my home! Hope you liked them!


  1. I am just itching to do that window art. Tough to find old windows out here in AZ. But I’m not giving up! Great collection!

  2. Such cute walls! Love art with highly personalized meaning! Happy birthday to your hubs … looks like you had a great weekend.
    Such cute things from Target … good job!

  3. Cute decor! I love your clock! Thanks for the shout out (shout it out!)! 😉

  4. I absolutely love how your pieces have stories!

    This is random. I saw your parents at Marvin Altman last week. I noticed them from your pics in posts. I almost said hey I read your daughter’s blog. But I thought they might think I was cray cray 🙂

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