New Glasses!

I need glasses or contacts all the time. My eyes aren’t bad, but without them, everything goes blurry. I just went to the eye doc, and while my prescription didn’t change, it was time for some new glasses as mine are 2 prescriptions old and don’t give me perfectly clear vision.
So I had just gotten an email from a company that sends me deals about a buy one get one sale from an online glasses retailer,
I looked online and found a couple pairs I liked (1 plain and 1 fun) and got 2 pair for $47.
I haven’t gotten them in yet, so I can’t vouch for the quality, but I can definitely live with the price.
Here is what I got…
These are my plain glasses. I love a good black rimmed pair, and these are a cross between an oval and rectangle.
And these are my fun pair! They are white frames with zebra sides! I LOVE these and can’t wait to get them in.

I’ll let you know about the quality when I get them in soon. But if you love the price, the BOGO sale goes until March 14 at

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