New Goal: 5K PR

New Goal: 5K PR

Years ago I tried to be a runner. I tried really hard.  I did 13 races in 2013. And I did fully run a few races, but I didn’t love running.

I still don’t.

However, I do love fitness, and being in better overall shape now should equate to easier running.

So, I have a new goal of breaking my 5K running time of 34:50.  It’s not that impressive. I’m not fast by any means. But I think with a little training, I could hit that 11.5 minute mile time.

So there’s some steps to take. First step is to actually run more.  I’m signing up for a 5k in a month, so I want to do 2 runs each week.  That might mean going after dinner with the family, or that might actually mean running at work on the treadmills at lunch.

The first step is the next 4 weeks of training. I might recap week by week my fitness to update.  I also need to prioritize foam rolling and stretching, as my IT band can cause me issues. So I’ll be sure to do that. I will have to see how much speed progress I can make with the stroller. I would love to PR with Remi in tow, but I may have to ditch the stroller to reach it.

I may not hit the PR at the 5k in a month, but with fall around the corner, there will be a TON of local races to attempt it at. It’s not a big deal to add a couple runs a week to my schedule. Let’s do this.

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