New Hair and New Home Stuff

So I decided to cut my hair.  I didn’t go quite as short as the pictures I posted (based on my hair stylist’s recommendations).  I love it.  It’s not anything too drastic (I’ve been here before really with my hair) but it’s a change from where it was.
Here it was before church last night.
And this was how she styled it…with it out by my face, and then I put it behind my ears.  More Ginnifer Godwin looking.

And we finally got some new things at our house.  While I was gone in San Diego, Tyler and my dad put a chair rail up in our kitchen.  I had tried the wall decals, but the stripe didn’t stay up.  So my parent’s anniversary gift to us was a chair rail! I love it! (excuse the messy table…it’s Tyler’s dump zone and always covered in paperwork and stuff). 
And while I was in SD, he also went and got the new dining room chairs I wanted! Yipee!  I love them.  They match our table PERFECTLY and are much more stable.  Our previous chairs were used that we bought at a consignment shop in town, and they were a bit rickety.  But these are new, leather, and so nice. 
It’s a low key week when you’re pumped about hair and new chairs. šŸ™‚  I love it.


  1. Love everything! The hair, the chair rail, the chairs! YAY!

  2. Love everything! And the hair looks GREAT!!!!

  3. Your hair looks awesome!!

  4. I love it! I’m always jealous of people who can get away with short hair–I totally can’t. Super cute, my friend!

    • Thank you!!! I didn’t think I could pull it off until I did it last year. I had been letting it grow out for a wedding and got used to it being a little longer, so I was nervous cutting it again. ha!

  5. Super cute haircut!

  6. I love your hair way better than those pictures and I’m not just saying that to be nice. Your stylist did an amazing job! I also love a chair rail. It just adds a little something to a room.

  7. Squeeeee! (Never thought I’d write that, but I just did.) Your hair is perfect. Chair-rail is pretty cool too, but the hair is so wonderful. In front of your ears, behind …. both work.

  8. Your hair is adorable!!! Love it.

  9. Love the new hair.

  10. LOVE!!!!!!!

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