New Projects!

So I’ve got a few new things going on:

-New Zumba class!  I started teaching at a gym in Greenwood on Wednesdays last night.  Well, it wasn’t a total bust- I did have one lady come! 🙂  The gym is smaller, so they only expect 5,6,7 in a class….so one was better than none!  I hope to grow this class and get some faithful Zumba ladies!

-Extra social media work.  I am doing some “free lance” work on the side for other people getting them set up on Facebook with contests and such.

-This isn’t “new”, but its come back around again.  I am editing a book for a prof at U of A.  Another round of edits came back this week and I cranked those out.  It is very tedious work combing through and editing things.  The formatting is the worst because I just fight with Word to get everything right.  I will never take another book for granted!  Somebody made sure all the margins, indentations, page numbers, and the like are all done correctly (and for this book, its me!)

-I am continuing to learn to quilt!  This quilt is just squares (and 99 of them!!), but I’m learning how to better cut fabric with my rotary cutter, sew very straight 1/4 inch seams, and match up my corners.  I got the quilt topper made last night!  This quit is brown, tan and black.  There is paisley, plaid, flowers, and tiny prints.  I put the squares in a diagonal lines.  I am hoping to finish it this weekend!  I am going to do very simple straight line quilting on this one (similar to one I saw online).  I forgot to take pictures of my last quilt before I gave it away, so I will be sure to get finished pics of this one!  I already have a plan for the rest of this fabric!  I’m going to try a disappearing 9 block quilt next!  I think I have enough fabric left from this stash to make another topper in these fabrics! 

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  1. You are one talented young lady!!! 🙂

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job!!! love it!

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