New Reebok Dance Gear!

Reebok came out with some new dance gear…including some AWESOME new shoes that would be PERFECT for Zumba!
Check them out!
They are called the Reebok UR Lead sneaker.  So cute!  They have a flat sole with a pivot point- perfect for dancing…including Zumba! (You can click the pictures to take you to the online store to buy them!)
I am totally in love with these cute hightops!
They also have a dance sneaker with a split sole.  I am partial to these as I need a little more support.  
I know I have talked before about the best shoes for Zumba, and all that info still applies…but these shoes would be GREAT for Zumba because they are made for dancing!

Here is a review about them from some Zumba instructors.

So, get you some Reebok dance shoes! 


  1. I think I need to get in that Zumba mess!!

  2. my next pair of shoes are going to be reebok because I feel like they still have morals. Take that Rick Ross

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