New Things Every Day

New Things Every Day

We are just constantly cracking up at all the new things Remi is picking up on.

Let’s start with these boots.  THESE BOOTS. “I got boots!”  These are actually a size up for rain boots/muck boots that I bought on Zulily (gotta stock up when the sales happen) and when they came in, she became OBSESSED. Wears them constantly.

She had her first “Remi got hurt” boo boo at school.  She’s had bumps and bruises, but busted her lip. Initially, her teacher FREAKED ME OUT telling me she busted her lip and it was bleeding, but it was pretty minor. I promptly got this pic of my smiley girl to reassure me she was ok.

It’s not her first cake, but the first time she WENT NUTS on cake. She calls it “happy cake” since we sang Happy Birthday before eating it. She didn’t move it the entire time she was eating.

And she’s OBSESSED with puzzles, and she can do this one without any help!

And I don’t have a picture, but I want to remember that all of a sudden one night she asked for a blanket.  She had been playing with a blanket at mom’s house with Caitlyn, and wanted a “banket” at bedtime. So we gave her one for the first time (yes, at 22 months. Safe sleep is important to us), and she’s asked for it at nap and nighttime ever since.

Just learning something new every day!

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