New things

A few exciting new things…
My parents are working on moving up here.  Last night I got to see their new house for the first time! I LOVE it!
This is their beautiful new dining room.
The view from the back porch- with the lake and mountains!
I bought the Made to Crave devotional book.  I have read the book (and loved it) but I wanted a devotional…and I can’t wait to dive into this in about 10 days (when I finish reading through the Bible).
Sweet Kristin gave me one of her amazing prints when we visited last weekend!  I got the “Give a Little” print (inspired by a Hanson song!).  
Check out her etsy shop The Simple Perks…SUPER cute stuff!
All set up on my red side table in the living room!
And guess who made the local paper for the July 4th 5k? 🙂 This was the picture…
I love a theme party. 🙂
And this crazy contraption is making for hours of fun at our house.  It’s a portable bug zapper.  We have lots of flies (country life+sliding glass door), so we love chasing them and hearing that POP when we get one!  I bought it in OKC at the kitchen store.
Anything new in your life?  


  1. LOVE your running outfit, so fun!!!! 🙂

  2. Oooohhh, I love that you posted about a bug zapper!!! You are too cute!

  3. So glad you loved the new house. LOOKS GORGEOUS!

  4. YOU MADE THE PAPer!!!! Yay you!!!! AND LOVE your folks house! AND I am thinking that is my next Bible Study!!!!!

  5. The print looks great! And I want that dining room!

  6. Glad you finally got a bug zapper! I told you they were FUN! Loving your parents new house! How exciting to have them closer to you!

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