New Toy!

So for a while, Tyler has been searching for a 4 wheeler.  He is a motorsports dealer, so he is constantly buying and selling them…but he had to find one that fit certain criteria.  1) big enough to mount our sprayer so we can spray our land (a perk of owning lots of land…needing to spray for weeds and bugs). 2) it had to be small enough that it was a foot-shifter because a certain someone (read: ME) can’t handle a hand clutch.  My brain doesn’t do clutches.
Well, he finally found it last week!  His mechanic gave it a once over and last night Tyler brought it home!  Woohoo!
Nancy (my MIL) helped him unload it.
And then we all took it for a spin.  I came outside with just socks on, so I rode it with no shoes.  Yes, I’m aware that I’m becoming redneck.  And sorry, I’m not sorry. 🙂 
This little yellow guy has some power!  Can’t wait till I get to drive it all over, even if it is to spray and do chores.  Riding this thing makes it double the fun! 
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  1. Looks like fun! I made my hubby sell our four-wheeler after he crashed it into a tree. We needed the money to pay for his new front teeth after all! Ha!

    (now THAT really did sound redneck!)

    Stay safe!

  2. We have a four wheeler and use it like crazy! Not to mention the girls love to ride it!

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