New: Toys, Parks and Friends

New: Toys, Parks and Friends

Lots of fun, new things happening around here!

For starters, I got a GREAT deal on this amazing Paw Patrol tower and all the dogs and vehicles (or vicky-les, as Remi calls them!).  I was going to try and get this for her birthday, but when I got a great second-hand deal, I snagged it and she got it now.



She’s also obsessed with Pippin and lovingly smothers him. He’s a willing participant.


A small town across the Oklahoma border from us (we live like 5 miles from the border) got a new park and it was GREAT. There was a coating on it made it not hot at all. We had it all to ourselves and had a great time playing.


After playing, we went to our favorite small town hole-in-the-wall catfish buffet and then we went to see Uncle “White” (Dwight) and Nancy ride their horses.  Dwight attends a cowboy church that does lots of events at their on-site arena. Nancy and Dwight were just pushing cattle for the roping event, but we watched for a bit and Remi played with some kids and played on their playground. It was fun!


We got home and drug Remi to some fireworks at our neighbors. They have a HUGE holiday gathering (like 100+ people!) and a big show. She was apprehensive because she was worried about the noise, but we took her shooting headphones and she loved it. She loved fireworks last year, so I’m not surprised she enjoyed them (once we got over her toddler fear).


On Sunday, we hit church, a quick lunch and then we partied hard.

We went to Alden’s sister bridal shower- and FINALLY Remi and Avery got to meet! The two of them hugged and started playing. It was SO SWEET.


We’ve been best friends since 2006 (say what?) and it was so special to watch our babies hug and play.


Our next stop was a baby shower for our friend Haley, and Remi was OVER IT. She was ready to nap and I gave her my phone and sent her into the church gym to watch videos. She found the camera function and came and took this picture of me. ha!


We got home and took a late nap (hallelujah!) and then played all evening. She sat down at one point and said “Pip, say cheese!” so of course, I took their picture from my perch on the couch. ha!


Lots of fun new things!

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