New Year’s Fun

New Year’s Fun

So on New Year’s Eve, Tyler had to work. Instead of sitting at home alone, I decide to invite over some friends from my Life Group (aka Sunday School class).  We have a bigger class now, and most of them are married- so I knew they’d want to be with their husbands/families…however, we have a group of single ladies, and I knew they would most definitely want to party. 🙂  And they sure did!


I invited them over for dinner and crafting.  We had a make your own pizza bar for dinner.  It was a hit.  I say this a lot when I entertain, but people love making their own special versions of food.  Some of my most popular parties have been potato bars, and now this pizza bar.



After dinner, we crafted.  I ordered some canvases from Amazon, and we tried the Pinterest canvas method where you paint a base coat, apply stickers, and paint over them.  For most of us, the hardest part was figuring out what we wanted our canvas to say…so we all spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration.


I decided to make a canvas for my sewing area.  “Done is better than finished.” Love it!IMG_8392.JPG


This was all of us with our finished projects!


After we finished painting, it was 11…so we decided to play Apples to Apples for an hour while we waited for midnight. So fun!


On New Year’s Day, Tyler and I started the day by going to meet our friends’ new baby, Ryan.  He arrived on Dec. 29.  He was SO sweet.  I may have a tinge of baby fever after snuggling this sweet boy.



After we visited with our friends, Tyler went to work, and I hit the Dillards sale with mom and dad.  On New Year’s Day, Dillards has all their sale items 50% off.  And I got some good stuff.  Several tops, an Easter dress, a maxi dress, some shoes, and some jewelry.  GREAT deals.

After that, I ran some errands, took a nap, and spent the evening with mom and dad. We ate dinner and watched a movie while I cut fabric for my next quilt.  It was great.

I’m working today, but ready for a real weekend.  One day off was a tease! 🙂

I hope you had a great New Year’s Day!  Happy New Year!

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