New York Day 1: The View and HAMILTON

New York Day 1: The View and HAMILTON

Mom and I got to NYC around midnight Thursday. It was a late night, but we felt pretty good. We flew into JFK airport. It was our first time there. To be honest, we liked coming in there better than we had Newark and La Guardia. It seemed like most people flying in were taking transit, so getting a cab wasn’t a hassle. And in like 30 minutes (of mostly highway driving) we were at our hotel.

We were up pretty early to grab breakfast at the hotel and head to The View. We had tickets to be in the studio audience- and it was a GREAT day. The cast of Fuller House was going to be there!

We were asked to dress nicely- so we got all cute. 🙂
It was an interesting experience. We did some waiting outside (in the FREEEEZING cold), then we waited inside in a cafe area. Then we got ushered into the studio. There was a “warm up” comedian that kept the crowd pumped up.

We were placed on the last row of the studio, but still great seats.

There is LOTS of activity during commercial breaks. Makeup, set changes, photo ops. Probably the most interesting thing was the hosts and guests were mic-ed for the camera, but not for us. It was tough to hear when they were talking over each other or the crowd was clapping.

Back at home, my friend Julie caught us on screen! So fun!

After the show, we met up with my friend Liz for lunch at Urbanspace, a food court area.

Mom and I both had some DELICIOUS ramen.

After lunch, the wind had died down some, so we walked to Macy’s. We did a couple hours of shopping inside.

We made our way back to the hotel (thanks to a private car. It was COLD again and also rush hour, so no cabs were stopping. Even though it was a bit more, we were thankful when the car stopped).

We dropped our bags, freshened up and went to Times Square area for dinner. We stood outside in the cold for about 5-10 minutes for Shake Shack- which was SO worth it. They must sprinkle fairy dust on their burgers. SO good.

After dinner, we made our way to the Richard Rogers theater for HAMILTON. I was freaking out. I knew that even though we bought our tickets resale, they were legit. I bought them straight from Ticketmaster. But I had fears. Fears the tickets wouldn’t work and we wouldn’t get in. Fears that Lin-Manuel Miranda (the star) would be out for the night. Fears our seats would be bad.

When we got scanned into the theater, I sort of had a moment where I was hyperventilating and crying. ha! It was just amazing to think we were THERE.

Our seats, Row Q, were great. The seats in this theater were raked, so we had a great view.

I had dreams before about the curtain rising at this show, but to my surprise, there was no curtain. The stage was open before the show.

The show was everything I had hoped for. It was so great. Maybe my favorite ever. Just revolutionary (no pun intended, it’s about the founding fathers). The cast was talented, the story was beautiful, the atmosphere was buzzing. It was just perfection.

After the show, we grabbed some pizza and headed back to the hotel for some rest. A GREAT day.

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