Night to Shine and Valentine’s Week

Night to Shine and Valentine’s Week

Tyler and I spent Friday night at the local Night to Shine. It’s sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and is a fun prom night for people with special needs. A coworker asked me to volunteer and I jumped on the opportunity.

They asked Tyler to come in uniform. Apparently police officers are pretty popular folks at Night to Shine.

I got to wear a dress that hasn’t fit in a while (hey-o!)


I was a Buddy- meaning I was sort of a “date” for the night, making sure my King or Queen (that’s what they call the prom-goers) had a great night.  I was paired with an extraordinary gentleman named Christopher. He was a teen who was into so many fun things- rodeo, cowboys, wrestling and country music.  We had a GREAT time.  The event is amazing.  The girls get hair/makeup touch ups, corsages and crowns and the guys get shoe shined, boutonnieres and a crown.  Everyone got their photo taken then out to a limo ride around the parking lot.  Then you entered on a red carpet of SCREAMING fans while an announcer said your name.

27747706_10156064644422302_6450460506505618239_o.jpgThen we had dinner, dancing, karaoke and a photo booth.  We had a great time together.  Christopher and his family were all so sweet, and I hope he had as much fun as I did.


While we were at the prom, mom kept Remi.  She sent me this fun picture of her playing with all of my old children’s books. So special!


She came home and kept digging!  I made her a bean bucket- and she’s a big fan.


Last week, she had her Valentine party at school (they do things a little early at our school) and she looked ADORABLE in her romper and bow!


We then took the opportunity to wear our Valentine red and pink the rest of the week.  Sunday….


Monday (while making a mess in the kitchen)…




And the big day…


Such a great expression of love all week long!


  1. What a cool event!! You look beautiful- love that dress!

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