No Day But Today

No Day But Today

Last weekend mom and I went to NWA to see Rent.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  It’s one of my favorite shows.

We saw it years ago in my early teens when it toured to Little Rock- and I fell in love.

It’s one of the first shows I played over and over and over and over and knew every word. We saw it the closing season on Broadway. I love this show.  I love the characters, the story, the message.

I had seen a rehearsal video of this tour cast a while back and wasn’t impressed (to be fair, it was rehearsal. And I know those can be rough) but I was afraid of them not nailing my favorite show.

But mom insisted we get tickets and go. And I’m so glad we did.

Seeing the show years after falling in love, I could have sang EVERY WORD.  The opening is a bit of dialogue and then starts with the rocking guitar. My head was already bobbing before the music ever started. And the cast nailed their roles.

I am so glad we went. There’s no day but today.

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