No Motivation

I am one final, one paper, and one group project away from finishing my first semester of grad school.

There is one problem. No motivation.

I need to make it through my study guide for my Quant final exam tonight…but I would rather watch the gingerbread competition special on the food network (that I think I have seen before! haha).

Tyler always makes fun of me for watching things multiple times. I can watch the same shows over and over again because I notice different things, and I usually do several things at once….like write this post and watch TV, so I miss stuff the first time around.

Anyways, back to no motivation. I just want to go home, be with my family, do wedding stuff, and hang out. I don’t want to study or test. But whatever. I know I have to do all of it. And it will get done. But know that I don’t wanna.

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