Non-Scale Victory Link-Up!

Non-Scale Victory Link-Up!


I am linking up with Life by Lex and KTJ Weighing In for Non-Scale Victories today.  If you are “new” to the weight loss world, a non-scale victory (or NSV) is something you can celebrate about your hard work that is not-scale related.  Of course, watching your weight is good…but it isn’t the only measure of success.

So this week’s non-scale victories for me…

…Going to Boot Camp Wednesday even though I was a little sore.
…Taking a small piece of cake at a work party Tuesday, and only eating a few bites.  It wasn’t that great, so I put it down.  Old, fat Brittney would have eaten all of it anyway!
…fitting into some cute white jeans that I ordered! (now if the weather will warm up enough to wear them!  Boo cold front!)
…Running errands two days at lunch and NOT getting fast food. I came back to work and happily ate my healthy lunch I packed.
…being called “Skinny Minnie” by a guy at work! Love it!

I think it’s important to remember these small NSVs so that you don’t focus too much on the scale.  She’s a rough one and she doesn’t always show the payoff for the hard work.  But when you celebrate every good effort, you know you are working toward something GREAT!

If you are working on losing weight or getting healthier, link up and give yourself some credit for your non-scale victories!


  1. HI I am visiting from the link-up, you rocked it on the NSV’s this week! Small bites of cake, no fast food, getting called skinny Minnie!! Sounds like a very successful week to me! Keep it up!!

  2. OH, Skinny Minnie is my fave! Love it and know it made you feel fabulous. It’s all those small things that we have to remember. Way to go!
    Lulu and Daisy

  3. Sounds like you had a great week! It’s so hard not to grab fast food when I am out and about! It just calls out to me! 🙂

  4. Girl, good job on making all those smart and healthy choices! I’m proud of you!

    Now, have you been doing what I told you??? You know, looking in the mirror and saying, “Dang, I’m hot!!!” I MEAN IT!!! <3

  5. Good job on the cake and fast food victories– those are ALWAYS the hardest for me!

  6. stopping by from the linkup! i definitely am following this blog from now on! and yay for fitting into white jeans. that was my nsv this week haha

  7. I found your blog on the NSV linkup and I just started following on google friend connect. Congrats on some really awesome non scale victories. If I were you I would wear the pants whenever I felt like it–they might be too big by the time it warms up!

    Ashley @

    • Thanks for the comment, Ashley! You are right about the pants….who cares what the weather is! I’m gonna wear those pants like they are going out of style! Thanks for the follow!

  8. Great NSVs! Its all about the little things, I really believe that. Trying the cake, but not eating it all. . . in the end that is huge! Also, I always dread going to work out too, it is tough to go when you don’t feel like it but so awesome that you’ve been going every wednesday to boot camp! Definitely not easy stuff! Thanks for linking up!

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