There are so many things that fill me with nostalgia.  I love reminiscing on the “good old days” of my childhood.

I love following Twitter accounts that are all about kids of the 90s.

Here are some of my recent faves:

2016-02-03 07_14_57-90s Girl Problems (@90sgirlproblem) _ Twitter

2016-02-03 07_14_30-The 90s Life (@The90sLife) _ Twitter

And don’t even get me started on movies.  I have ordered classics on Amazon everytime I find them.  I have An American Tail, the Great Mouse Detective, Space Jam…so many classics that make me incredibly happy.

Another favorite are the cups of my childhood. We had an entire set of Disney glasses from Burger King, just like these. 63985fee1a1f3352d308ff22295bc2ca.jpg

Growing up, we actually had doubles of a lot of them…and mom found me my own set (still in boxes) on eBay a while back.  I’ve actually yet to drink out of them because I want them to say awesome for as long as possible.

Combining two loves of glasses and movies are these Great Muppet Caper glasses I found at an antique shop a few years back.  I drank from one this morning and it just made me happy.

What makes you feel nostalgic? Do you have anything in your house that brings on that feeling? Or a movie you catch on TV that brings it on?

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