Not Safe Anymore

So I was just chatting with my neighbor next door. She is a young woman a couple years out of grad school. She has lived in this apartment complex for years. Well, she just said this to me:

“Hey I’ve noticed you out walking the neighborhood recently.” I said, “Yeah, I’m starting to run and sometimes I like to run outside.” “Well,” she said, “You might want to go somewhere else to run. There are three registered sex offenders that you pass on your route. Two are child predators and one raped women, I think they were brunette women, too.”

OMG! Seriously? I mean, I have ran 3-5 times out here, been on countless evening walks and bike rides. I have never felt threatened (or really, seen anyone but the neighborhood kids), but I’m not taking any more chances.

I looked up the offenders on the Arkansas Crime Registry and they do in fact live on my route (and 2 on my street!).

I know the offenders are people too, and I believe in grace and forgiveness and change, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to put myself in a dumb situation either. So I guess I’m only running at the gym or somewhere else.

Too bad, I was enjoying my evening runs.


  1. I wouldn’t let it stop you. There is one literally 6 doors down from me in my apartment complex and several along most of my routes but you know what I refuse to not run because of him. That is tantamount to him winning in my mind. Just run safe. Carry mace or a mini airhorn or cell phone whatever makes you feel safe. Don’t be predictable-run different routes at different times. Wave and smile at those you see so people will watch out for you because they feel like they know you a little. Stay in as populated of an area as you can. Enjoy your runs!!

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