Nothing Notable

I have had a pretty boring week.  I’ll give you the Friday randoms.
Just the norms this week: work, Zumba (although we are having some AWESOME Zumba classes!!), and hanging out at home.  I have been a bad housekeeper (we have a sink full of dishes and a full laundry basket). 
I have taken several bubble baths.  That was a good thing in my life.  I love nothing more than steaming hot bubbly good-smelling water to immerse myself in.  And I’m thankful we splurged in bulding the house and got the jacuzzi tub.  Those jets blow magic into the water.
We are going on a dinner date this evening.  We got a Red Lobster gift card (for Halloween maybe?) from Tyler’s mom….and its been sitting on the half wall ledge since then.  We saw a commercial for Red Lobster last night and decided to go tonight.  I have budgeted my calories accordingly and have a 95% plan for what I will eat there tonight. (Tyler thinks this is a bit extreme.  But I ate some “off plan” things last weekend and had a big dinner on Wednesday….so I am just trying to be good and am determined to get this weight off!)
I am still in love with Aldi grocery store.  I buy groceries there often, but the last time I went I got two things that were AWESOME: buffalo popcorn shrimp and some frozen grilled chicken nuggets.  They are both so delicious.  The shrimp (after about 15 minutes in the oven) turned out crispy, spicy and wonderful.  And the grilled chicken nuggets are in a big bag frozen.  You take out what you want and cook them for 2 minutes in the micro and they turn out so moist and delicious.  The BEST grilled flavor.  And they are just chicken and spices.  They are really low calorie and GREAT for my lunches at work….to put in wraps at dinner….for lots of things.  Well, the problem with Aldi is that because its a smaller store, they rotate items.  You might buy something one week and not see it again for MONTHS.  I had originally bought one bag of chicken bites and one box of shrimp…and that was NOT going to work.  So yesterday at lunch, I ran over there and bought 5 more bags of chicken and 4 boxes of shrimp (SO thankful for our big freezer that I got for Christmas!).  I didn’t have time to take them home, so they are in the freezer here at work!  I won’t get to take them until Monday…but hopefully the service guys won’t help themselves to my groceries!
I am working at the shop with Tyler’s mom tomorrow.  Tyler is going on a trail ride with some guys from church.  I am SO happy to give up my Saturday so he can have some fun.  The boy works so hard…so if me and his mom can take his place at work on Saturday for him to go have some fun…I am honored to do so.  I hope it isn’t too cold for them!  And I hope they have the best time!
My Grandma (who fell and hit her head a while back) is home from the nursing home.  She is doing GREAT!  She came home this week and is staying with my mom.  She still technically has her feeding tube in, but she is eating all solid food.  They have an appointment scheduled to have the tube removed.  She is still getting a bit of therapy at mom’s, but she is walking, talking and doing well.  The only main thing we have noticed as a result of the brain injury is that her “filter” is gone.  She says what is on her mind….and sometimes it is ugly.  She never would have said anything hurtful before.  But we have heard this is fairly common in brain injuries…and it may go away…or it might be the “new” Gram.  Either way, we can put up with a little bit of her verbal vomit happily.  We are so glad she is still with us! 
Welp…that’s it for today.  I did decorate for Valentine’s Day already…so I will try to take some pics to share that with you.  Also, we are having a Superbowl party at our house….so there will be some fun prep for that as well (gotta clean the house before then….eek!)
Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. we LOVE Aldi’s too and also stock up when things are special buys! We really like their turkey meatballs that are frozen…they seem to always have those in the store here which is nice. You just never know when something you love is going to disappear. I need to look for the grilled chicken nuggets. Those would be great to add to salad for work lunches!

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